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Welcome to Food Safety Operations Australia (FSOAU)

We are excited to announce that Eville & Jones Food Safety Operations (EJFSO) has rebranded to Food Safety Operations Australia. This change reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional meat inspection services tailored to the Australian market. Established in 2013, Food Safety Operations Australia is proud to be an Australian owned, directed, and operated company, dedicated to serving the Australian meat industry with integrity and expertise.

Our team, comprising directors, management, and staff, boasts extensive contacts and relationships within the Australian meat industry, dating back to the early 1970s. Over these decades, we have been actively involved in numerous pivotal changes and advancements within the red meat processing sector. This deep-rooted experience equips us with a comprehensive understanding of the industry's intricacies, its markets, international requirements, and the stringent standards demanded.

Our services are built on this profound knowledge and long-standing association with the Australian Meat and Livestock industry. We are committed to supporting the industry with empathy and a thorough grasp of its unique challenges and aspirations.

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